Harry Styles and Taylor Swift spent Tuesday night together

Crédit photo: Sony/Universal Harry Styles and Taylor Swift spent Tuesday night together

Sunday they were holding hands at the Central Park Zoo. Monday they sang karaoke together all night long. And Tuesday, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were back together again, as paparazzi caught both pop stars arriving at Swift's New York City crash pad, the Greenwich Hotel.

First came Styles. Then came Swift. (Love, marriage and baby-carriages are, potentially, imminent.) And both were carrying "overnight bags," as per the Daily Mail, which can only mean one thing:


As in OMG, OMG, makeovers and girl talk and prank-calling The Wanted all night while they pillow-fight each other in footie pajamas, right?

Swift may be 22; Styles may be 18. And the two of them may be fabulously famous adults who've been involved in a deep and meaningful (and well-publicized) flirtation since meeting at the Kids Choice Awards in March. (They also went home together on Monday, according to various reports.)

"Haylor" is real. We accept it -- even if some Directioners (like Eminem's teenage daughter Hailie) haven't.

But Haylor is also cute.

Very cute -- as though a unicorn dreamed them both into being, holding hands and fragrant with the scent of pumpkin-spice lattes and promises like a couple of Love Is kewpies.

And cute is as cute does. So surely Swift and Styles were busy doing something of equal or lesser adorability to their previous NYC dates last night.

Like maybe collapsing into giggle fits while watching YouTube videos like "The Haylor Song," a Swift song parody a Washington Directioner named Ashley recorded as a response to Swift and Styles new BFFship.

Or polishing their matching friendship necklaces. (Yes, they have matching friendship necklaces. They're his and hers paper-plane pendants.)

Or curling their hair.

Or cuddling with Meredith the kitten and a basket of puppies Styles picked up from his last 1D shoot.

Or practicing the Care Bear stare.

Or reading each other quotes from Nicholas Sparks novels, their kindred souls joining through shared whispers and nothing more.

Or curling their hair again.

Or maybe they were just sleeping. Styles plays the New York Jingle Ball with One Direction this week, after all. Internationally famous pop stars, no matter how adorable, need their rest.

Sweet dreams, kids. In time, maybe you’ll dream up the lyrics to your inevitable break-up hits.

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