The Twilight Saga is over, so watch a trailer for The Host

Crédit photo: Handout The Twilight Saga is over, so watch a trailer for The Host

Breaking Dawn - Part 2 has officially premiered.

On to the next thing, everybody!

Kristen Stewart, trooper that she is, has tried to make VPL the new Twilight. (You, me and Robert Pattinson's "double Spanx" will pass, thanks.)

And there's always The Hunger Games, may the odds be ever in its favour -- et cetera.

But for Twihard purists looking for new film franchises to add to their list of Google alerts, surely only one thing will do -- a movie borne from the same mind that gave us vampire baseball.

Introducing: The Host.

The sci-fi tale is author Stephenie Meyer's follow-up to the Twilight Saga, and its film adaptation reaches theatres March 29.

And the day after its star, Saoirse Ronan, was walking the red carpet at Breaking Dawn - Part 2's Hollywood premiere, we have a new trailer.

In it, we're introduced to Melanie (Ronan) a young girl living in a future where the human race is being harvested by alien parasites known as "Souls."

Souls don't sparkle or watch teenage girls while they sleep -- that we know of -- but they do possess human lifeforms, erasing their memories and rendering their eyes a bewitching shade of blue typically reserved for Villagers of the Damned or extras in vintage Marilyn Manson videos.

But when Melanie is "invaded" by a soul named Wanderer -- or "Wanda," 'cause she's cute like that -- Melanie resists. It probably has something or other to do with the tirelessness of the human spirit -- or maybe that brooding young man she falls for in the trailer's opening scenes (Max Irons, son of Jeremy).

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