Style and Safety

Crédit photo: Style and Safety Style and Safety

By Hannah Rosen

Looking cool and being safe are, unfortunately, not always complementary choices.

Bike helmets are certainly not in vogue with the majority of this city's stylish riders. I got nothing but teasing when I decided to wear this hat to stave off heat stroke at a music festival this summer.

Despite the best efforts of science, the cool-factor of smoking always seems to endure.

What else? I remember embarrassment so acute when I was forced by my well-meaning parents to wear wrist-guards while rollerblading that I quit the sport all together.

An innovative Swedish bike helmet design is striving to inject some coolness into safety.

For more information on the Hövding inflatable bike helmet, visit their website.

Here's the thing though: the Hövding isn't even that much cuter than a bike helmet anyway. Allegedly designed to look like a "fashionable scarf," it resembles a travel pillow much more closely.

The unfortunate appearance combined with the practical realities of the current design (It costs $450, and cannot be reused after a single inflation) make it unlikely to take off anytime soon.

Even so, I don't think the problem with hats, bike helmets or wrist-guards has ever been the way they look. Fashion has the ability to make all kinds of weird things seem attractive. For a while the mullet was a seriously sought after 'do

The reason safety is never fashionable is because danger always is. It's probably the same reason that a lot of girls like to date bad boys. I wouldn't know, though. I never bike without a helmet.

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