Summer Trends in Men's Fashion

Crédit photo: Obey Clothing Summer Trends in Men's Fashion

Have we time-warped? This summer’s hottest trends in menswear are throwbacks to the ‘90s, so crank the R.E.M., grab your Doc Martens, and relive the decade’s best fashion statements.


Step Out in a Print:

Some trends never go out of style, whiles others you hope to never see again. Hawaiian prints are back, but this time it’s not your awkward uncle’s shirt. This new take on a bold classic is more of a floral and it’s taking over the summer. You can find the modernized print on bags, shoes, button ups and accessories, so take your pick. If you’re not daring enough for a floral print shirt, use it as an accent by throwing on a hat with the print.


Embrace a Beloved Brand:

Boy George wore it, as did Andy Warhol and now everyone’s favourite bad girl, Rihanna, is sporting it, too. Welcome back, Boy London! The beloved brand has returned with a vengeance; you can find it blowing up on everyone from your favourite celebs to the hottest fashion bloggers. If you’re dressing to impress this summer, you’ll definitely need something from the line.


Get on Your Feet:

This summer should have you walking on air, whether it’s with a pair of brogue Doc Martens or a floral print pair from their new collaboration with Liberty London, which drops in Canada June 1. With the Liberty London collaboration, you can fully embrace the floral trend by wearing a pair of low-rise printed Docs, or go for a more subtle look with the canvas boot in a solid color with floral lining. And if you prefer the traditional look, stick with the brand’s classic brogue style, which will never fail you.

If you're looking for a low rise shoe, we love Liberty London's Eye in cherry red or green marten flower leather. For a boot, try Liberty London's Nixon desert boot in navy canvas.


Try Some Accessories:

Keep it simple, as man jewelry can be overwhelming. The quickest way to accessorize is to grab a pair of cool shades or a hat with a fun print. When it comes to sunglasses, opt for a classic tortoise color frame. (Just be sure avoid is white shades; Soulja Boy has wrecked that trend forever.) If you want to try something more daring, try an Acapulco Gold hat in a Hawaiian print. It’ll make you stand out and the print is on-trend for summer.


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