Dr. Martens' New Collection Wants to Give You Butterflies

Crédit photo: Getty Images Dr. Martens' New Collection Wants to Give You Butterflies

Kurt Cobain used to wear them, and so did Joey Ramone and Pete Townshend, and now it’s your turn to lace up a pair of Dr. Martens. Dr. Martens’ new Spring/Summer 2012 collection is called First and Forever, so if you don’t already own a pair it’s time to experience your first.


The First and Forever campaign is all about capturing that feeling of the first time you experienced something, whether it was the first time you fell in love, cut class or bought a pair of Dr. Martens.


The new campaign features model Agyness Deyn and a lot of nostalgia. She looks effortless in a white tee and a classic pair of Dr. Martens 1460 Mono Boots while talking about the first time her heart was every broken.


“It’s like mourning isn’t it, as if someone has died, because you’re so invested in something that part of yourself is dying, it’s gut wrenching,” says Deyn in a commercial for First and Forever.


As their website says, “New experiences shape us. First times define us. Single moments stay with us forever.”


Summer is fast approaching and a boot can easily weigh down a breezy outfit. But First and Forever doesn’t end at boots; the collection also boasts a range of oxfords and flats.


Here are our First and Forever picks for summer:


The Kensington Carrigan

The Oxford is still a very popular shoe, and this reincarnation is a lot lighter and easier to wear, especially during those hot summer months. The cutouts make the shoe completely breathable and oh so cute.

Colours: Burgundy Classic Rub-off, White Smooth and Black Packard


The Kensington Deirdre

Who can say no to a pink pair of Dr.Martens for the summer? This take on a traditional British shoe has been updated with a summer twist, more cutouts and great summer colours!

Colours: Burgundy Classic Rub-off, White Smooth, Black Packard and Pink Smooth


The Poise Collection

The Poise collection is inspired from the world of dance. This shoe is slender, much like that of a ballerina’s slipper. It’s great for a summer lunch date.



Eye shoe (all over colour): Black, Light Pink,Cherry Red and Soft Grey Danio

Eye brogue (two toned): Soft Grey Danio with Porcelain canvas or Cherry Red Danio with Porcelain Canvas.


If you want to emulate your favourite celebrities, go with the popular 1460 Boot in cherry red for a Gwen Stefani look or a plain black Dr. Martens boot for a Rihanna-inspired vibe.


Psssttt ! Envoie-ça à ton ami!