Anybody Out There Want to See a K'Naan and Nelly Furtado Video?

Crédit photo: Screen grab Anybody Out There Want to See a K'Naan and Nelly Furtado Video?

Is anybody out there? And if so, would any of you be interested in a new video from K'Naan and Nelly Furtado?

Mmm hmm. That's what we thought. Well, the Canadian pop stars have released a video for "Is Anybody Out There," the collab that first appeared on K'Naan's More Beautiful Than Silence EP, and which will turn up again on the Toronto rapper’s forthcoming follow-up to 2009's Troubadour. (Look for Country, God or the Girl May 1.)

As you may have gathered from the song's story of Adam and Mary -- two poor and emo youths who could surely find love and acceptance in a Pink video -- this one aims to be an uplifting pop song. And Furtado confirmed as much, talking to about the piece.

"I was thrilled when he asked me to do it ’cause when he sent the song to me, I just loved it immediately,” she told the outlet. “I just think it’s a very hopeful and sweet, pure song about emotions that everybody feels every day of their lives. We always want to feel like we’re a part of something and that we’re not alone.”

Watch K'Naan and Furtado don their finest Ally Sheedy costumes in their new video. (Are there any Breakfast Club fans out there?)

"Is There Anybody Out There" is posted below. The clip was directed by Chris Robinson (Nicki Minaj feat. Drake, "Moment 4 Life," T.I. feat. Justin Timberlake, "Dead and Gone.")

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