on the 50/50 Red Carpet

Crédit photo: on the 50/50 Red Carpet on the 50/50 Red Carpet

When you work a red carpet -- hell, when you're just a star stalker on a red carpet -- your chances of talking to the talent are, well, about 50/50.

So while the stars of, well, 50/50 were out at the Ryerson Theatre Monday night for the film's TIFF premiere, co-stars Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Anna Kendrick dashed into the screening after a few questions, photos and hang-out time with squealing fans.

(A pity, too. Surely the world is dying to know why Levitt turned up wearing a velveteen suit.)

Screenwriter Will Reiser gave us some insight into his new movie, though. And when we say 50/50 is his story, it is on more levels than one. Like the comedy's main character, Adam (played by Levitt), Reiser was diagnosed with cancer in his mid-20s. Another thing they have in common? Both Reiser and Adam have Seth Rogen for a best friend. (The two met while they were both working on Da Ali G Show.)

Here's a bit of Reiser telling us how he started work on the 50/50 screenplay with Rogen's urging and why making the movie has been "the most therapeutic thing" he could have done:


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