World, you now have a Nicki Minaj video for "Super Bass." Watch it below, and if you dig it -- and really, what's not to like about gratuitous booty-popping and water fights with pink Kool-Aid? -- please send thank-you muffin baskets c/o Taylor Swift.

What's that about Swifty? We know the country princess likes the song; or at least she did a few months back, when news spread that "Super Bass" was one of her favourite-est tracks of the moment. And that casual endorsement was reportedly enough to inspire Minaj to release the hooky tune as a single (in case you were curious why the MC was giving such special treatment to a track only found on Pink Friday's Deluxe Edition.)

"Taylor Swift did her little interview about 'Super Bass' and [it] took off in the States with the people sort of knowing it," Minaj explained in an interview with radio station 102.7 KIIS FM last month. "It’s just really uncanny how all that stuff happens," she added. "We didn’t plan it like that."

So, now we have a video. Directed by Sanaa Hamri (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2), "Super Bass" is dressed up in the same day-glo colour scheme that Minaj has long been rocking like a latter-day Lisa Frank.

The MC gave a quick run-down of the video's concept to MTV earlier this month: "'Super Bass' is about the boy that you are crushing over," she said. "And you kind of want to get your mack on, but you're taking the playful approach.

"I just wanted to do something real colourful and cutesy. This is an icy world, it's a sexy world, it's a playful world. Of course I have lots of eye candy for my girls and my boys," she explained.

About that icy/sexy/playful stuff: like Lady Gaga in yesterday's "Judas" video, Minaj reveals she too has a thing for motorcycles. Minaj's, though, is arguably cooler. Mostly because it's made of ice -- which looks pretty rad, hemorrhoids be damned.

But like that quote above would suggest, Minaj wasn't just referring to eye-popping props and costumes when she was talking up "Super Bass'" "eye candy." The video's packed with male model-types (Harajuku Ken Dolls?) that get Minaj's heart beating in super bass. And by the end of the clip, she and her troop of daisy duke-rocking clones are giving the lot of them lap dances -- albeit under some creepy/cool black light.

Watch "Super Bass" below:

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