Glee, "Special Education"

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Last night on Glee, the kids of New Directions competed at Sectionals. What, you say? You didn't even know Sectionals was coming up? Yeah, me, neither. Which is probably why last night's episode felt out of sync - it didn't feel like there was anything at stake. Because there wasn't.

Sure, "Special Education" had its moments: Mr. Shue realizing that kids other than Finn and Rachel should be given a chance (especially since Finn isn't that good, but that's just my opinion), Rachel getting told off (multiple times!) for her crappy attitude, every Rachel and Kurt scene, every Artie and Brittany scene, and the group's rendition of "Dog Days Are Over." But the episode spent most of the time leading up to Sectionals talking about how discouraged and pessimistic the kids were about the competition, leading us to believe they'd blow it somehow... And, naturally, they were just as good as they always were. Santana was brilliant, Brittany and Mike were dancing machines, and even Quinn and Sam acquitted themselves fairly well.

But it was almost as though the writers realized Sectionals didn't matter, because when it came down to it, New Directions tied with the new Kurt-ified Warblers. I know they want the Warblers to stick around longer, which they couldn't if they lost, but really? There are three teams and two of them win? Worst judges ever. Clearly Glee is really gearing up for Regionals and then Nationals, but when even the New Directions kids don't seem to care, how are we supposed to?

And speaking of the Warbler storyline, they really were hammering home how out-of-place Kurt felt there. (Hey, his literal Warbler is shutting down because he's shedding his feathers and getting used to his new coat - just like Kurt!) And colour my confused when Kurt was denied a solo because his audition didn't display his team player attitude. It's a solo. How do you do that in a solo? Tell everyone to join in? "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina" did provide a funny moment when Blaine motioned that Kurt shouldn't raise his hands, but overall the plot line felt really forced; I guess it'll only be a few weeks until Kurt's back at McKinley.

Worst of all: No Sue. Where the hell was she? Why wasn't she taunting them before their big performance?

This episode was written by Brad Falchuk, who's supposed to be the one who pens the best Glees. And while better than some of the other episodes (ahem "Hairography"), "Special Education" still seemed strangely low key, considering New Directions' future was at stake.

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