Winter's Bone Leads Spirit Award Nominees

Crédit photo: Winter's Bone Leads Spirit Award Nominees Winter's Bone Leads Spirit Award Nominees

-Consider award season officially kicked off! The Spirit Award noms have been announced, and Winter's Bone (which is AMAZING) is leading the way.

-Mariah Carey played coy when asked if she was expecting twins, which probably means she is.

-Are you guys watching Fringe this season? It's soooooo good! Here's a trailer for this week's ep.

-Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spent Thanksgiving together. Let the squealfest!

-What is it about articles in which celebrities interview each other that are so much better than regular interviews? I devoured the excerpts of Patti Smith's interview with Johnny Depp, while Kanye West's interview with Rihanna is also awesome (mostly because he asks questions like "How does it feel to know that you can turn straight women gay?" That's totally going to the top of my question list...).

-Madonna celebrated the opening of her new gym in NYC by teaching a dance class. (Holy crap, how intimidating would that be?!? It doesn't help that the dance studio is plastered with images of her face staring down at you with a "Seriously? You call that Vogue-ing?" expression.)

-In any case, people are more focused on Madonna's puffy face than her gym.

-Lindsay Lohan thinks she's been denied driving privileges because of the paparazzi, so now she's seeking a restraining order against them.

-Meanwhile, am I the only one who thinks DWTS would be a brilliant career move for Linds?

-The Kardashian Mastercard has been pulled because of unreasonable fees. Seriously though, if you think it's a good idea to flash a card with the Kardashian sisters' faces plastered all over it, you kinda deserve stupid high fees, don't you?

-What's happening with Brad Pitt's face? I thought we'd cleared the scary facial hair phase. Movember is over, buddy!

-Keith Urban spilled the beans on Oprah about the intervention Nicole Kidman had to stage for him.

-Newsflash: Reese Witherspoon is feeling sexier than ever. That is all.

-This Tumblr blog, in which the writer goes through the Twilight novels and points out the bad grammar, made my entire day. (Sidenote: I have an idea for a killer Tumblr. I still have to flesh it out a bit more, but it's going to blow your mind grapes and/or land me a reality TV deal.)

-Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak is denying engagement rumours. She also denies smoking while pregnant, despite this pic.

-John Mayer wants Eva Longoria's number? I don't see it. Then again, I didn't see the Mayer/Katy Perry flirtation either.

-Susan Boyle's performance on The View was pretty disastrous today, so much so that she cut her song short after 30 seconds or so.

-You know how most people look like crap when they get off an airplane? Jon Hamm is not most people.

-The trailer for Frankie & Alice, in which Halle Berry plays a woman with a split personality, has dropped.


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