Watch Miley Cyrus and Kevin Zegers in New Video 'The Big Bang'

Crédit photo: Screen Capture Watch Miley Cyrus and Kevin Zegers in New Video 'The Big Bang'

In her last few music videos Miley Cyrus has dedicated herself to growing up (in as sexxxy a fashion as possible) right before our soon-to-be-bleached eyes. And now she's using other people's work to do the same thing.

No, no, don't go scanning for some upcoming Nicholas Sparks flick about a teen prostitute with a tragic (and fatal) romantic secret. Cyrus is just starring in a new music video by her producing team Rock Mafia -- which you can peep below.

The song, "The Big Bang," is a breezy soul-pop confection in the style of Maroon 5, though we doubt Rock Mafia are the reason you're skimming this blurb (unless you happen to be the world's most diehard Cheetah Girls fan; the team, who've worked with Cyrus since her Hannah Montana days, are noted for their various Disney tweeniverse credits).

You're interested in Cyrus -- and possibly her strapping and neck-tattooed co-star, Gossip Girl's (and Air Bud's) Kevin Zegers. Zegers, who plays a sensitive grease monkey, is haunted by memories of a mysterious, over-accessorized young girl (Cyrus). But it's unclear whether Zegers' hooker-boot-wearing object of affection is his girlfriend, a ghost or just a figment of his imagination. (Whatevs. Those make-out scenes? Totally real.)

"The video is unique and honestly, was a life-changing experience," Cyrus told E! News -- without revealing what exactly the clip is supposed to be about. Zegers proved a little more helpful in that area, however. As he told MTV News, "[My character is] a parking attendant and he sees Miley's character drive by and he sort of goes into a dream sequence, which is a majority of the video," he revealed.

"And then something dramatic happens at the end. It's not all the making out, but there's a car accident at the end. So there were a lot of stunts."

OK, right. Just watch it below:

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