Telus Festival Comes to an end

Crédit photo: Telus Festival Comes to an end Telus Festival Comes to an end

The Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival is gone but not forgotten. And my year’s supply of Schick razors and assortment of other freebies will ensure that the legend lives on.

Canadian rockers, 54-40 finished off the free outdoor concert series. It was very much a family atmosphere and the mellow tunes were a welcome respite from the crazy week behind us.

From groovin’ to the Latin-infused jump-up tunes of Ozomatli to rockin’ out to the electronic indie sounds of Metric, this year’s Zune Concert Series has brought us an impressive array of bands.

And then there was the Silent Disco, which brought a whole new dance party experience to Whistler. It started with a flash mob and ended with a group of 200-plus people singing with reckless abandon in a silent room; Skullcandy headphones and radio receivers bringing the party to life. Check out their video here.

The arts culture scene was astounding. State of the Art showcased talented Canadian artists like Andrew Pommier and Lauren Javor. While Fashion Exposed featured sustainable fashion label We3 to Westbeach and their 30 years in the snowboard industry.

The showdown hosts took it to another level, from hosting in their underwear to coming out in drag. We enjoyed the winter stoke generated from Rocky Mountain Sherpas’ multimedia film, Paper Shredders. We laughed at the creativity and awesomeness of A Ski Bum Musical at the Filmmaker Showdown. We cheered as hometown photographer Jordan Manley’s photos captured the mountain lifestyle we all hold close to our hearts.

Meanwhile, the pro athlete sightings were out of control this week with TJ Schiller and Danny Kass taking centre stage at their respective competitions Orage Masters and Grenade Games.

As we ring out the winter season and welcome the melting snow and sunshine, we’ll always look back to the festival with a smile. Stars were born; heroes were crowned and dethroned; records were spun; alcohol, energy drinks and sushi were consumed in mass quantities; and friends were made.

Now is the time to grab your cleanse of choice from the health food store, chillax, swear off alcohol and sleep. April 2010 will come sooner than you think! See you next year…

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