Natalie Portman and Sean Penn? Really?

Crédit photo: Natalie Portman and Sean Penn? Really? Natalie Portman and Sean Penn? Really?

-This may actually be the oddest coupling rumour ever: Natalie Portman and Sean Penn. Whaaaa???
-It is just not possible for me to love Anthony Bourdain more.

-I never thought of myself as an expert on Robert Pattinson's smell, but I'll take it.

-Meanwhile, Rob is eyeing a steamy new role, and even Ryan Reynolds thinks he's "dreamy."

-Did you know that Valerie Bertinelli's bikini photo was one of the top search queries on Google Trends today? Did we accidentally slip into some weird bizzarro world wormhole without my knowledge?

-Oh snap! Tyson Beckford doesn't think Lindsay Lohan has what it takes to be a model.

-Avril Lavigne describes her new fragrance as "me in a bottle." Finally, someone's managed to nail down that elusive scent of brattiness and immaturity!

-Isaiah Washington continues to be the most charming individual to ever live.

-Bruce Willis may have taken the casting couch to a whole new level.

-Why does Britney Spears think it's Christmas? Should we be worried?

-Prince Harry's reportedly been donning a black wig and sneaking off to see his ex. Ah, those kinky Brits.

-How could those McDonald's employees not make Pharrell a Big Mac after his cute little song and dance? I would have butchered the cow myself after seeing that little slide move that he does...

-Let the wild rumpus start! The first trailer for Where the Wild Things are just dropped, and it looks awesome. (Love the use of Arcade Fire.)


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