Gossip about Gossip Girl

Crédit photo: Gossip about Gossip Girl Gossip about Gossip Girl

-Did Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester push a co-star into quitting? Maybe if they write this shit into the show I'd pay more attention...

-Paris Hilton's little brother has been ordered to visit a morgue. I'm betting the corpses will still look more life-like than his big sis.

-Sorry, Petra Nemcova. Sean Penn just went back to his wife. (Which, like, never happens!)

-Angelina's Chosen Ones kicked! And she actually acknowledged their presence! It's a banner day, y'all!

-Dayum! David Beckham even looks hot when he's getting a traffic ticket.

-This clip of what Lost would be like if network executives controlled everything is pretty cute.

-Here's a new twist on an old story: Lindsay Lohan wanted to go topless in her new film, but producers nixed the idea. Apparently, they hate money and success.

-Renee Zellweger may have partied a little too much following a Leatherheads premiere. Maybe George Clooney rebuffed her and she had to drink away the pain? On a side note: her old lady hands scare me!

-I'm sure Jennifer Connelly's new PSA is about something important, but I was way to distracted by her ugly shoes to notice:

Psssttt ! Envoie-ça à ton ami!